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Crime Statistics

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) provides crime maps and offense statistics broken down by divisions. It also provides city-wide statistical data on index crimes. An annual summary released for 2018 reveals that the city experienced a 1.7% decrease in total index offenses. Violent crime dropped by -2.7% while property crime slid -1.5%. The city recorded 57 homicides compared to 87 incidents for 2017, marking a -34.5% slide. In addition, the city also recorded 237 fewer robberies, marking a decrease of -11.8%. While the total of larceny cases grew by 0.2% (25,743 vs. 25,687), reports of auto-theft dropped by -8.6% (10,551 vs. 11, 538).

Police Records and Arrest Reports

The Police Records Division of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department manages public requests for crime and crash reports. The department processes in-person and online requests.

Who Can Request a Report?

In compliance with state laws, access to some police reports may be restricted to only authorized applicants. Requests can be made by witnesses or victims of a crime, insurance carriers, or legal representatives of victims. Requests for juvenile information will require the permission of the presiding judge of Juvenile court.

How to Obtain a Police Crime Report (Incident Report)

To obtain a CMPD crime report in person, visit the Records division, situated in the lobby of the headquarters located at 601 E. Trade Street. The office opens from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. between Monday and Friday. In-person requests can also be made at any of the division offices. In addition, the office provides free crash reports for in-person requests made at any division and charges $6.00 for requests made via its online system.

To obtain a copy of a local arrest history report, send a request to the City Clerk’s Office. The clerk charges a $25.00 search fee that is payable in cash, certified check, or money orders.

How to Find Information on Registered Sex offenders

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation provides public access to a listing of registered sex offenders via a searchable online registry. Results can be expanded to include convicted offenders who are still held in correctional inmate facilities. Requestors can search for registered offenders by name, geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude), or by address. Members of the public can also conduct searches using a known sex registration number.

How to Find Information on Inmates

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office provides an online search tool that members of the public can use to find information on persons currently held in custody. Requesters can search and view general information on inmates, such as mugshots, charges, and sentencing information. Residents can also search for active warrants and view arrests made over the last three years.

Court Records

The North Carolina court system provides easy access to different types of information on criminal cases, civil cases, and estate cases. Records can be accessed by visiting the self-service terminal of the Mecklenburg county clerk of court’s office located at 832 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. Requesters can also make copies of a record for a fee. Records of deeds and other real estate records are managed by theMecklenburg County Register of Deedsoffice, located at 720 E. 4th Street, Room 103 Charlotte, NC 28202. Interested parties can also obtain public bankruptcy records at the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of North Carolina. The court provides online access to case records with PACER Case Locator.

Location of Courts in Charlotte

Mecklenburg County Superior Court
832 East 4th Street, P.O. Box 37971, Charlotte, NC 28237
Phone: (704) 686-0400

District Courts in Mecklenburg County
Mecklenburg County District Court
832 East 4th Street, P.O. Box 9600, Charlotte, NC 28202

Vital Statistics

Vital records can be obtained at the county and state levels. Eligible members of the public may apply for birth certificates, death certificates, and records of domestic partnership or dissolutions. Applicants may be restricted from obtaining certified records without the right documentation.

How to Find Divorce Records

Copies of a divorce judgment issued in Charlotte can be obtained from the county clerk’s office. The Office of Vital Records for Mecklenburg County also provides certified and non-certified copies of divorce certificates held in Charlotte and other parts of the country. Residents may make written requests or obtain records in person at the office located at Room 320, 700 East Street. Mail-in requests should be addressed to the:

Vital Records Office
700 East Stonewall Street
Room 320
Charlotte, NC 28202

In addition, the Vital Records office of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Service (NCDHHS) provides copies of divorce certificates from 1958 till present. Requests for certified copies of divorce records will require proof of eligibility and proof of identity. Acceptable options include a valid state-issued driver’s license, passport or visa, U.S military ID card, or a government agency photo ID card.

How to Find Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records can be obtained at the Mecklenburg County’s Office of Vital Records. The county charges a $10.00 fee to research birth or death certificates for residents born (or recently deceased) in Charlotte or any part of the country and $15.00 for any additional copy. Residents can apply for a birth certificate online by completing a request form. Requestors must provide their full name, date of birth, birth city and birth year. Requests must also include the requestor’s contact details, social security number, and relationship to the named individual.

To obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate, download and complete a notarized application form and send it to the:

Vital Records Office
700 East Stonewall Street
Room 320
Charlotte, NC 28202

Note: Birth record for adopted children are only available at North Carolina’s Vital Records Office.

Charlotte Arrest and Public Records | North (2024)


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